What happens after a conservatorship ends?
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Role of a Conservatorship Attorney in Management of Estates in Woodland Hills

As an attorney in Woodland Hills who has practiced for more than 26 year in the conservatorship area, my role is to  handle management of estates of individuals who no longer can financially protect themselves.   Many times the problems start with late payment of bills, and lead to no payment of bills.   Some of the risks of dementia, Alzheimer's and other diseases that affect a person's cognitive ability, include the following:

  1. He or she cannot remember what bills exist.
  2. A mortgage payment may be thought of as having been paid, and may not be actually have been paid, which creates a foreclosure risk.
  3. Caregivers may go unpaid, or may get paid more than they have contracted.
  4. The elder may be approached by unscrupulous individual who may offer to fix the house and much above market rates.   Many times, the owner of the how may end up with sub-standard work, or unfinished work on the house and a mechanic's lien which should have never been placed on the property.
  5. At some point, self-help tools go away when there is cognitive decline.

How do we serve people who need conservatorships in Woodland Hills?

Children often contact us when their parent refuses help or needs help.   The simplest ways are always best before we approach filing a conservatorship for Woodland Hills residents.   If there is sufficient capacity to do estate planning, we use that as the first course of action.

Best Resources in Woodland Hills Conservatorships:

We are attorneys who are some of the best resources in dealing with conservatorships in Woodland Hills and the San Fernando Valley.   With over 26 years of experience in the LA Courts, our clients count on us to get the conservatorship petitions to the court and granted so that they can protect their loved ones.   We also have relationships with care managers and professional fiduciaries who can help fill in those roles when family members are overwhelmed with those tasks.

Call Attorney: Mina Sirkin, for Woodland Hills Ca Conservatorship and Elder Care Management issues at 818.340.4479.  We handle all aspects of probate and conservatorships in Los Angeles County.

To learn more about our probate and conservatorship services in Woodland Hills and Los Angeles, see our website here:  Probate and  Conservatorship.

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