Wills for Disabled Persons by Woodland Hills Conservatorship Attorney
What happens after a conservatorship ends?

Conservatorship as Protective Measures in Family Disputes

Have you ever heard a story involving a conservatorship, or had a family dispute involving care of an elderly family member which lead to a Conservatorship proceeding?  Helping your aging parents can sometimes be difficult.

The stories are many.  Most of the Conservatorship stories involve one parent who is incapacitated.   Common themes in conservatorships are:

A.  The incapacitated parent does not want to be conserved.

B.   A child or sibling is influencing the parent to dispose of assets in his/ her favor.

C.   A child or sibling is influencing the elderly parent to create a will, or trust, or to modify an estate plan, in his or her favor.

What do judges do?

Judges in La County courts who regularly hear these types of conservatorship stories, have seen and hear all sorts of variations of these scenarios.    Often, the result is the appointment of a neutral professional fiduciary where children do not get along.

Wisdom:   If you are in a situation such as the above, nominating a professional fiduciary is a good way of resolving family care matters in conservatorship cases.    Read our article about many ways to prevent elder financial abuse in Los Angeles County.

If you want to take advantage of a conservatorship as a protective measure in a family dispute, call attorney Mina Sirkin, Specialist in Conservatorship Attorney law in Los Angeles and Woodland Hills.  818.340-4479 or email [email protected].  To learn more about conservatorships and how they can help your parents, see our website here.